Well, we landed in Bangkok after a flight that only reinforced Karen’s fear of flying. We flew on world famous Bhutan Airways… In fact, the flight was actually supposed to be a Thai company, but clearly the plane had been purchased from Bhutan. We hoped to god this didn’t mean the plane was too old to use anymore in Bhutan. It was at least 40 years old, a twin propeller thing that bounced up and down along the thermal currents that apparently mark the countryside over Cambodia and eastern Thailand. Scott loved roller-coasters as a kid. So he loved it. Karen just sat in her seat, her belt so tight her ribs were breaking. She just kept her eyes closed and tried not to throw up. It was pretty awful, but we made it to Bangkok.


The difference between Thailand and Cambodia could not be more stark. This is a clean and modern country. We applied for a 60-day visa, but the immigration officer completely ignored us and stamped our passports with the usual 30-day visa. We were naively hopeful it would be so easy. Now we are faced with having to go in person to Thai Immigration and apply for a two-week extension. Or we could change our plans. We opted for the latter.

Thailand KohTao5

Here’s what we decided to do. We leave for the Vipassana centre tomorrow. When we return we will head down the southwest coast to Chumporn and a boat to Koh Tao where we will visit Steph and Pete for 10 days. Instead of extending our stay in Thailand, we’re doing something very different. We’re going to India.


We’ll head to Delhi on Air India on April 13 after we return from Koh Tao. From Delhi, we’ll take a night bus to Dharamsala and McLeod Ganj.


For now, we’re off to be silent.

Thailand Kammala5

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