We are here in India and we can’t believe it.

We haven’t slept in two days and we leave shortly for another 13 hour journey by bus into the Himalayas.

Our Air India flight from Bangkok was delayed for five hours, forcing us to try to find somewhere to sleep in what must be the coldest, most refrigerated airport on earth. Where ever we tried to lie down, security would tell us to leave. It was insane and made much worse by the constant din of one Thai song piped throughout the airport on an endless loop. After 5 hours of listening to this in a sleep-deprived state we were nearly psychotic.

Bangkok Airport3

Bangkok Airport2

When we landed in Delhi it was a bit of shock, too. This international airport in the nation’s capital city of ten million people is reminiscent of the airport in Kamloops, British Columbia. Seriously. Kamloops is in better condition though. Parts of the Delhi airport’s ceiling is missing tiles and electrical wires are hanging down. Mosquitoes are everywhere, but they’re huge. And really slow. So we’re not bothered.

When we finished going through immigration we had a bit of a shock. Our bank cards don’t work. And despite having been in India less than 20 minutes, we were ripped off by a coffee vendor at Café Coffee Day. Welcome to India!

Turns out that Scott had – for whatever reason – placed a US $100 bill in his shoe. It was the only real currency we had on us. We found a currency exchange and turned it into rupees. Then, after a deep breath, we pushed open the double doors of the exit and went out to find the dreaded taxi stand.

More on all of this later. For now, we are about to get on our bus to McLeod Ganj.




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