Our trip is ending now. In just seven days, we will be taking a nineteen hour flight back to Vancouver. It looks like there may be a taxi strike here in Dharamsala, including McLeod Ganj and surrounding villages. This is a big logistical problem for us because we needed to take the bus back to Delhi. With the strike in effect – and these things are often violent and dangerous affairs here in India – no buses will run in or out of McLeod Ganj or Dharamsala. They are also on the watch for anyone who may be trying to run an informal taxi service. We may be forced to beg a local meditator named Jorge to drive us in his jeep. But the only way we can make this work is if we leave before dawn when no one will see us leave. Obviously we hope the strike will be over so we can simply take the train from Pathankot or a bus back to Delhi. We’ve been ill lately, so we even considered booking a private car. But all of this will be impossible if the strike is on.


So hopefully we’ll be on that plane out of Delhi July 1. Then we’ll visit with friends and family for a few weeks in Vancouver before we load up our little car and drive across Canada to Toronto where we will start a new adventure.


Our goal in the medium term is to return here to India in one year, two at most depending on jobs and grad school. When we return we want to visit Burma and Nepal.


To be continued…

For now, here is a photo montage of the last few months at Dhamma Sikhara.

India Sikhara Ashok

India Dharamkot TeaHouse6

India Sikhara Food

India Sikhara House2

India Sikhara House4

India Sikhara House

India Sikhara House6

India Sikhara Kitchen5

India Dharamkot TeaHouse4

India Dharamkot TeaHouse

India Sikhara Monks

India McCleod Scott

India McCleod Street6

India Dharamkot Karen2

India Sikhara House1

India Goodbye3

India Goodbye6

India Goodbye5

India Goodbye Plane

On our way home to Vancouver from India.

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