Dear friends and family,

Just a quick post to let all of you know we finished our 30-day meditation course and we  left England yesterday. We are now in Ireland visiting our good friends, Daniel and Lisa.

Our post-retreat breakfast tradition and our brief time spent in Hereford was a lot of fun…. Since we haven’t really had a chance to post photos from the trip so far (for obvious reasons :-)…. we thought we’d just post a bunch of pre-course and post course photos here:

Neither of us have been to Ireland before and we haven’t seen Daniel and Lisa since Sept 2008.   So we’ve been looking forward to this visit for a long time… what an amazing treat to be able to spend time with friends who also meditate, right after sitting our course.  We’re very lucky…

Our course ended for us with the heart-breaking news of the passing of Jack Layton. We really want to thank all of you who sent us a note about Jack’s passing.  Karen’s mother has a tradition with Karen where she sends her an email with all the news that took place while we were away sitting a course. And this time, Carol’s note to us went into great detail regarding the events that took place since August 22. Both of us had the opportunity to work for Jack during our time with the NDP and we are very saddened that he wasn’t able to win this particular battle. More than a loss to Canadian politics, Jack’s passing leaves our country without an eloquent and impassioned voice for justice and equality. His family’s loss is a loss for all of us. It was so moving to see the outpouring of genuine affection and respect that the entire nation showed these last weeks as people paused to honour his significant contribution. He will be greatly missed.

We will post again later in the week – with an Ireland update.

Love and kindness to you all,

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