Hello again from Ireland….this most beautiful island.

Ireland definitely warrants a visit at least once in your life.  We have really enjoyed our time here.

Now granted, we are staying with two of the loveliest people in Ireland, who have treated us so generously since the moment we landed here.  But this country has such a rich cultural history in an incredibly beautiful land, from scenic Dublin to the rugged cliffs of Moher on the west coast. It’s very easy to start believing in the legend of the Tuatha Dé Danann and the folk tales about trooping faeries and pukkhas, banshees and leprechauns.

One of the highlights of our trip, and a must see for anyone planning to come to Dublin, was dinner and a storytelling night at Dublin’s oldest pub, The Brazen Head (12th century). What a fantastic evening! We stumbled across this totally by accident. The storytelling was fantastic, filled with laughter and tears as the host explained Ireland’s history giving context to Irish traditions and folklore. This was not your typical tourist attraction. Even Daniel — born and raised in Ireland — thought it was brilliant. And it was. Irish social history, the great famine of the 1840s-50s, emigration, Irish myths and legend, and the tradition of story-telling.


Now you might be wondering why there is a paper bag over Lisa’s head (see photo).  You may see that a few times… The thing is, Lisa won’t abide having her photo on the internet. This was the only way she’d agree to let us take her photo. 🙂 Lol.

Daniel and Lisa have taken us all over this lively place.  We did a little shopping on Dublin’s Grafton Street and Temple Bar. We visited Trinity College where we saw the Book of Kells.



A few months ago, we watched the movie Secret of Kells. It’s the story of the Book of Kells; so it was kind of cool to see the actual manuscript. Unfortunately, photos aren’t permitted anywhere in the exhibit, so you get to see the lovely sign outside, instead. Lucky…

Yesterday was all about the countryside. We were in County Clare, to walk the Cliffs of Moher and the Burren.  Then we drove along Galway Bay in beautiful sunshine and blue sky. A stop at the 12th c. Comcomroe Cistercian Abbey near the village of Ballyvaughn. We even got to see some faery trees (Hawthorn) and ring forts (Faery Raths) along the way.  The country is beautiful. Breathtaking.

Our last day will be spent touring with our friends in a car borrowed from Daniel’s brother. We’ll be seeing Sally Gap, Glendalough, Avoca textiles, and Greystones. If we’re lucky we might get to see Newgrange & Brú na Bóinne (no guarantees). In six days, we’ve managed to get a thorough slice of Ireland without feeling too rushed. It was a very nice and relaxed way to recover from our long meditation course. Tomorrow we’ll update the blog with the photos from today — we have a bit of time at Heathrow before we fly back to Toronto.

with much love from us both – we hope you are all happy and well,

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