In a few hours we leave for Mainland China.  We’ve been in Hong Kong for a week and loved every minute. From walking Hong Kong Island using the futuristic escalators and pedestrian-friendly, above-ground walkways….

To stopping for Chinese sweets at bakeries that seem conveniently placed on every corner of the city….To stumbling upon a Buddhist bookstore with English books on meditation….

Amy sent us a note suggesting we try for the Peak again on a clear day. We came to the same conclusion on the one clear day we had (on Saturday) and decided to take the tram this time. But everyone else in HK had the same great idea.The line was massive and the wait was over an hour. So, as we approached the entrance to the tram, we walked right past it and instead hiked straight up on foot. After all, we knew the long way up having walked down just a couple of days before. So we retraced our steps and made the ascent without any trouble. The view was worth the strenuous return trip.



And thanks to Denise’s suggestion, we went to the Chi Lin Nunnery and had a wonderful vegetarian lunch.  The Nunnery was really beautiful and very peaceful.

There are also many great places where we couldn’t take photos, so you’ll just have to come here and see it for yourself!

Now, with just a few hours left in this great city we are doing some last minute laundry, packing our bags, exchanging our HK dollars for Chinese Yuan or (RMB), and printing off some words in Simplified Chinese to help us on our next journey:  “two people,” “sleeper bus,” “Yangshuo.”  Hopefully this will help us navigate the bus station and allow us to purchase our bus tickets at the Shenzhen border where English is in seriously short supply. Hong Kong is a very easy place to visit. English is commonly spoken and English signage is everywhere. Mainland China is a little more challenging.

We are 100% sure that Facebook isn’t accessible in China.  We also are about 90% sure we won’t be able to view our own blog in China. But we believe that we can access the back-end of our blog which will enable to us to post updates… at least that’s the theory…. What we don’t know is whether our Gmail will work (being also part of the Google ban). Therefore, there’s a slim chance you might not hear from us until we arrive in Kathmandu, Nepal on April 9th.  Family: don’t panic, you can always call us on our cell phone if you are worried.

Obviously, we’ll post sooner if we can, but if you get nothing from us for a while… you know why.

So now we take deep breaths and jump off the cliff into China.  A challenging place to travel when you don’t speak the language. But… this is what travel is all about.  Putting your fears aside, you’ve just got to let go, stay present, and get out of your own way.


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