When planning a trip, most people will over-function on what to pack. But one of the more important things you should consider is vaccinations. Finding an experienced travel doctor is half the battle. Unlike your regular health visit to your family doctor, this is not something that is covered by Medicare in Canada. Some private insurance providers may cover some of the vaccines, but most will come out of your own pocket. Some countries will insist on proof of certain vaccinations before granting an entry visa, so be sure to do your research.

Don’t leave your travel doctor consultation to the last minute. Your travel plans should be reasonably well planned out, including the specific countries you’ll be visiting and the approximate dates you’ll be there. Some vaccines require a booster or a follow up shot a few weeks after your first vaccine, and you don’t want to be caught without the time to get properly vaccinated.

For Canadians, in the Greater Toronto Area, we have always used Dr. Mark Wise.


Home page image from Dr. Wise’s terrific website.


Dr. Wise maintains a terrific website with helpful information for anyone planning to travel, including  what to do before you leave as well as after you return from your trip. He includes information about visiting a doctor while traveling in another country, motion sickness, malaria, and more.  His frequently asked questions will help you make good choices about things like using DEET, Imodium, and drinking water.

Finding a good travel doctor before you leave can make all the difference to your travel experience and health while you are away.

Happy travels!

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