As hard as it is to believe, we left Vancouver almost exactly ten years ago to drive our little Honda across Canada to start something new in Toronto. We had no plan other than to find a place to live and somewhere to work.


Now, after a decade, we are once again driving a Honda packed with our stuff and heading into another new chapter.


Toronto has been really good to us, but it’s time to try something new for a while.

Our friends Katayoun and Eric own a 12-acre farm near Perth, Ontario and we have long-planned to visit them. So our first stop was a one-night visit with the two of them and their family of goats and two cats. This is our first port of call on our way out to the Atlantic.

Though we’d planned to stay one night with an early start the next day, we underestimated how exhausted we were. Honestly, we had no idea. We woke up on July 2 feeling dead tired. We must look pretty rough. Eric and Katayoun welcomed us so warmly and said we could stay longer if we wanted. We’re unspeakably grateful, actually. So we’ve decided to stay a while here at one of the most beautiful homes we’ve ever visited. It’s peaceful and quiet. It smells amazing. The company is warm and wise and comfortably familiar. There are goats. And as everyone knows, goats are awesome.

We’re staying here for now. We’re resting, weeding, milking goats, and doing some planning for our next stop.

So no more words for now. We’ll leave in a day or so, and that will be hard. It’s beautiful here…




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