We call it the “in-between.” The liminal time that exists only in the air when you’re sailing across time zones at 39,000 feet on a long-haul flight. We love it. No one can get you. You are unreachable. The only thing you can do is eat treats and watch movies. A flight attendant once said to me, “Calories don’t count when you’re in the air.” Well put, I thought. I hang on to those words every time I get on a long plane ride.

We’re at YVR, checked-in and sitting at the departure lounge for a Japanese-bound flight. We’re headed for London, but this gate is quiet. In just a few hours we’ll board our own plane. We love waiting to board our first flight on a new adventure. It’s a special feeling: excitement and the anticipation of what’s ahead.

Six years ago, at YVR before our last two year trip

We left Toronto just five weeks ago. After cutting across Canada in Yuri, visiting friends along the way, we’ve been in Vancouver for a short while enjoying visits with some family and a few friends. We’re now ready for the next phase: walking the English countryside in the Lake District.

For the next six and a half weeks, we will be in England. Most of the time, we’ll be walking. Barring any unexpected physical barriers. Scott’s pretty old, after all.

One thing is for sure: Scott will make nice pictures and we’ll reflect on things along the way. Some of our stories will hopefully be interesting enough for other people to read.

On that note, we want to say thank you. We’re grateful to the people following along, commenting and sharing your own stories and reflections with us. It makes the blogging worth the effort.

Our next update will be from Carlisle, in Cumbria. From there we will start the Cumbria Way, walking south through the Lake District to Ulverston.

For now, here are some photos from our time in Vancouver. Including, as requested, a photo of my new haircut by our friend Saori at Suki’s.

Vancouver in smoke haze

Finally got to meet Toby – Nikki and Marcel’s sweet friend

Time with some family: my mum and I

We missed James, but we spent time with Jody and their lovely son Sebastian

Even Shannon and Echo were in town from Germany!

We spent time with Scott’s niece Sadie

And Scott’s nephew Marcus

There was cake…

And lots of preparing for the trip

On our way to the airport


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