We’ve finally arrived in Kiev (or Kyiv as it’s spelled here) and we think it’s amazing. We had a peculiar, though interesting flight from London. We’ll say a lot more about this, but it’ll have to wait until our next dispatch. Now we have time for just a quick update, so this will be short.

We’ve been here just twenty-four hours. But that’s long enough to see that Kyiv is a beautiful city. We’ve eaten at a few amazing restaurants and even managed to go out see some of Kyiv’s best-known heritage sites, including the cathedrals of St. Volodomyr, St. Sofia, and St. Michael, as well as the Bessarabsky Market and the Golden Gate. We’re really glad to be here. We will be heading out tomorrow from Kyiv to a former Soviet era holiday spa where we will be conducting two 10-day meditation retreats.

We will try to put up a more fulsome post in a week or so, though we are not sure what the internet situation will be like. Until our next update, we thought we’d share a few photos from our very short time here so far. We hope the pictures can do the city justice. It’s a beautiful and interesting place with a rich and ancient past.

Random street shot near our guesthouse.

Breakfast! Cheese pancakes with strawberry smoothie.
Breakfast! Bread with savory spreads

Bessarabsky Market vegan restaurant.

Kievan street street scene.

St Sofia cathedral.

Square outside the Bell Tower and Cathdral of St. Sofia.

St. Sofia Cathedral from the Bell Tower.

St. Michael’s Cathedral.

The Bell Tower of St. Sofia is very high.
Cathedral of St. Volodomyr. Our first church and morning mass was being held. The singing was haunting and beautiful. The exterior is stunning with the cobalt blue onion domes speckled with golden stars, like the night sky.

Scott waiting for our food at the vegan restaurant in Bessarabsky Market.

Bessarabsky Market food stall serving asian noodles.

Ukraine’s religion is apparently “freedom.” Sort of like America.

Independence Monument on Maidan Nezalezhnosti.

Our host’s freedom-loving cat.

He also likes boxes.

No photography is allowed inside the cathedrals. But at St. Sofia, we were allowed to take a picture of this mosaic made from decorated eggs.

One of the many cobblestone streets of Kyiv.
Street scene on the way to Bessarabsky Market.

Because it is considered polite and respectful for women to cover their hair when visiting churches here, I got to buy a new scarf.



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