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Welcome to our new blog site. We created our first blog just before our last sabbatical in 2011. It was mostly a private affair, you had to know the exact address to see it. We wanted a convenient way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones, to share photos and stories from our adventures. It was the logical upgrade from the weekly travel emails we sent to family and friends while we were away on our very first long trip 2006/2007.

As we were looking at our blog, getting it ready for the time when we leave again in 2017, we realized three things:

(1) Strangers really liked our blog, too. Even though we had never meant for it to be a public thing, the old blog was shared with many people beyond our friends and family. In fact, we had visitors from dozens of countries. People had found it helpful, or at least interesting;

(2) We’re hobos. Our travel sabbaticals are a much larger part of our life than we had planned. This has become our thing. The first trip was a year with no plans for second one. Our second period away lasted over two years, with no plans for a third. Our next trip will be longer. And we’re not bothering with a plan for a return.

(3) We needed a new blog. We needed to clean it up, redesign and reorganize it, and share stories in a different way. Now we hope to inspire and help other people. And maybe even be a little entertaining.

We’ve generated historic posts made from the emails sent to family and friends during our 2006/2007 trip and we’ve kept the old posts from our 2011 to 2013 trip.  This way you can read old entries, organized by country, under the “Destinations” drop down menu tab at the top of the page. New blog entries for our upcoming trip can be found on our Travel Journal page

If you are new to our site, you may want to start here:


Our travel journal has all of our current travel posts organized by date here


If you are new to the blog, start with clicking this post: We’ll come home when Karen can survive in the wilderness. Or she dies trying…


Click here for our travel photos if you want some visual inspiration. Click on the images for more detail.


If you are looking for advice on how to plan for long travel click here. We have tips on budgeting, route planning, staying healthy and more.

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